To Rivendell and not back again (Do Rivendell i bez powrotu)

A recording from the premiere of the play in the cinema Światowid during the Światowid in the Middle-Earth event. I know that the quality is poor, signs are not visible, sometimes the actors speak too quietly. But it was recorded this way and I cannot do anything about that. First four movies are the main play, fifth is the additional scene with Tom Bombadil, recorded on the Malarnia stage of Silesian Theater.

There is also a movie version of To Rivendell... , recorded during the Tolk Folk by the Tolkienists from Bielawa. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgjAN-AbF30 (part I) and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INlKUJxwYIk (part II).

In Mine and Wilderness (W kopalni i w puszczy)

A recording from the premiere of the play In mine and wilderness. It happened on the 27th of September 2007 in Korez theater in Katowice. I would like to remind you that stage plays are better to watch live. Framing did not go very well, some parts are missing because cassete had to be replaced. In other words, treat that more like a demo version. Or, like it was said by Tornene on the Elendili forum: It's only a splinter of a comet, which the premiere in Korez was...

Steepes of Rohan (Stepy rohańskie)

A recording from the premiere of Steeps of Rohan. It happened on the 24th of September 2009 on the attic of Municipal House of Culture Ligota (Miejski Dom Kultury Ligota). Again, this is one of those things which look better live, but this video has the advance that it shows almost whole stage, as the room was small, the audience in the further rows had very poor view on the near-floor action. Some parts are missing, mainly near the end. As we were preparing to show this play to international audience during the Tricon, we have English version of spoken text from the first act, done by Noatar. You'll find it here.


Frankentstein's laboratory
Frankentstein's laboratory or a story terribly scary horror.


Porzycki Michał

A movie based on a drama of the same title.




Animations created for 2011 Christmas. School project or something like that.




Animation based on Shadows.




Animation for a European Heritage Days 2014 contest. Inspired by the legend of the buried town of Łeba.